Please note that we are determined by others as to our readiness level which is linked to the transmission rate, should this increase we could be reverted any time. We will do our best to run activities as planned but please be aware our scheduled activities could be planned for a wide number of reasons at short notice to keep people safe.

We would be really grateful if you could please bear with us as we look at adjusting to what this means for Scouting and look to see what activities we can safely run under Amber. We have developed a number of Covid-19 specific Risk Assessments to help support our leaders in developing a wide range of new opportunities for our Young People.

Family led activities


Group outdoor (low risk) activities


Indoors (low risk) activities


Group beginner pulling


Group (mixed ability) paddle sports


Water activities experienced users


Group swim test


Adults indoors


First aid training


Cleaning protocol - boating

Please find below details of our cleaning protocol and details of the product used for any equipment that is not furloughed for 72 hours between uses.

Boating Cleaning Process.pdf
Liquid Medical Disinfect Clear 200 SDS 2020.pdf

Cleaning protocol - HQ

Please find below details of our cleaning protocol for any the HQ if it is not furloughed for 72 hours between uses.

HQ Cleaning Process.pdf