We operate underneath the Scout Association's Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme. For more information specific to Powerboating please visit the following links:

Rigiflex NewMatic 370

The New Matic 370 is the ideal choice for lifeguarding as the hull is designed to keep passengers dry. Fire services rely on this boat for the most demanding rescue operations. Numerous professional organisations can testify to the quality of this boat!

  • Length: 3.7 m / 12’13”

  • Beam: 1.7 m / 5’57”

  • Depth: 0.62 m / 2’03”

  • Weight unloaded: 130 kg

  • Max capacity: 5 people

  • Outboard: 20 HP (console)

Rigiflex NewMatic 360

The New Matic 360 features an extremely solid twin layer construction. Fuss-free maintenance makes this boat a favourite with many yachting, water-ski, diving and rowing clubs. Whether cruising, drifting or stationary, this boat stays extremely stable. Comfortably accommodates between 3 and 6 people.

  • Length: 3.6 m / 11’81”

  • Beam: 1.68 m / 5’51”

  • Depth: 0.57 m / 1’87”

  • Weight unloaded: 120 kg

  • Max capacity: 6 people

  • Outboard: 9.8 HP (tiller control)

Drascombe Lugger

This versatile, trusty day boat has become a common sight in the rivers, creeks and harbours around the British Isles and indeed further afield.

The loose footed gunter sail and yawl configuration make the boat easy to rig, with a flexible sail plan for all conditions. The full rig provides and exhilarating sail, whilst the reduced rig of jib and mizzen leaves the cockpit clear and family friendly for pottering or fishing

Fun for one or able to accommodate up to 6 people she is the ideal family boat - sail, row or use the outboard - she will take you on your own Swallow and Amazon adventures

The lifting centre plate and rudder offer shallow water sailing and also allow her to dry out on the beach or a mooring.

  • Overall length: 5.72 m / 18' 92

  • Waterline length: 4.57 m / 15.0"

  • Beam: 1.90 m / 6' 3"

  • Draft (c/plate up): 0.25 m / 0' 10"

  • Draft (c/plate down): 1.22 m / 4'0"

  • Weight: 360 kg

  • Max capacity: 6 people

  • Outboard: 6 HP (tiller/rudder control)

Shared Boat Agreement

As members of Portchester Sailing Club and through a shared boat agreement we also have access to a wider range of boats as required.