Ellen MacArthur Troop

Ellen MacArthur Troop, which meets on Mondays, 19:00-21:00, mixes water activities with traditional Scouting and more modern activities. They’re one of the most active and adventurous Troops in the area.

Their summer programme focuses on water activities (while there are enough daylight hours!), including kayaking, rowing, sailing, canoeing and power boating. Their highly experienced Leaders aim to teach the Scouts so they can become independent, and safe, when on the water and many of their Scouts go on to lead and teach the younger Scouts.

For the other half of the year they focus on land-based activities, including hiking, pioneering, first aid, flying, cycling, electronics and many others. The Scouts have a big say in the sorts of activities included in the programme, so it can be very different between years.