The Squirrel uniform consists of these items:

  • Squirrel Sweatshirt (can be purchased from the Scout Shop, see sizing at bottom of this page)

    • As a Group in IMD1-5 we do have access to a discount code when ordering online to help families, please ask your Squirrel Scout Leader for this

  • Neckerchief & woggle (we will provide when invested)

  • Optional - Red Polo Shirt, we would ideally like them to ideally wear a red polo shirt (can be a school one for about £1.50) alternatively see below for a range of 3rd Portchester branded activity clothing.

Activity Clothing (optional)

Through My Clothing we have got a range of optional activity clothing that you may wish to purchase for your Squirrel Scout.


If you have any more questions please get in touch with your Squirrel Scout Leader.